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Stormwater Quality Control Strategy

The City of Edmonton holds an existing Approval to Operate under the provisions of the Alberta Environmental Protection & Enhancement Act (AEPEA). This approval is for the "construction, operation and reclamation of a wastewater system and a storm drainage". Under the terms of this approval, Drainage Services has developed a comprehensive Storm Water Quality Control Strategy and an implementation plan.

The strategy and action plans have been developed and one of the action plan items is to provide basin-level constructed Best Management Practices including constructed wetlands to treat storm system flow from major storm outfalls.

Drainage Services has constructed or planned to construct wetlands and facilities to accommodate the Strategy:

  1. Kennedale End-of-Pipe Constructed Wetland
    This $7.5 million project is Edmonton’s first end-of-pipe treatment wetland and is a cornerstone project of Stormwater Quality Strategy.

    The City of Edmonton received an award from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities of the FCM Sustainable Community Award in the Water category for this Kennedale Wetland project.
  2. Groat Road Storm Basin End-of-Pipe Facility
    The construction will begin in late 2010.
  3. Quesnell Storm Basin
    Potential low flow diversion. (under investigation)
  4. Whitemud Creek / 30th Avenue Storm Basin
    Sediment capture tunnel. (under investigation)

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